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What Is the Printing Method for Poster?

Raising awareness in a community using a poster has been in use for years. Even before 220 AD, imprinting through wood carving was the only technique. Over time, the method has evolved, and there are a lot of convenient options and advanced techniques available from which to choose.

Each technique has its own efficiency and suitability. Users can choose the right type that meets their requirements. Depending on the type of product or service a company provides, it can choose which technique would best articulate its items. It’s a bit difficult to choose from the wide availability of options if you don’t have prior knowledge.

Hence, in this article, I am going to introduce you to the best-known techniques and how they are different from each other. Stay tuned to learn more!

What is poster printing?

Printed posters are a common and effective way to promote any organisation, event, or seminar or raise awareness about an issue. Sometimes, people print posters of things of personal interest. The purpose of printing on posters is to display something in a creative way that highlights the content profoundly.

Unlike printing on A4 paper, a poster is generally done on thick paper. Using a certain technique, a design is applied on a piece of paper. Here, the main aspect is to consider choosing the right kind of paper and technique. Otherwise, it may look dull and unattractive, and it won’t serve the purpose.

If you are unsure where to find the best printing partner in the UK, it’s pretty easy these days. Look at the service quality, price and reviews. One of the reliable printing solutions for posters and other types of printing is Print Britannia. The quality of printing is professional and done by advanced printing technology.

Things you need to consider about poster printing

Before I talk about poster printing techniques, it’s important that you know the key aspects beforehand. There are several types of paper for printing posters. Each has its own unique feature that reflects on the printing outcome. Some of the common poster papers are mentioned below:

Vinyl paper

Vinyl is one of the durable quality poster papers. It’s waterproof, easy to handle, and resistant to tears. Hence, it’s often hung on outdoor premises.

Glossy Paper:

If you want the poster to have a shiny finish, then glossy paper would be ideal. It accentuates the vibrant colour of the graphical representation. For printing movie posters or photography, this kind of paper is highly preferred.

Satin Paper:

Another popular kind of shiny paper is satin. It comes with a semi-gloss and matte finish. It’s also a good option for printing vibrant colour images.

Matte Paper:

For posters that have too much text and important information, matte paper is used. It’s often used for raising awareness, caution or direction.


Another important feature to pay attention to while printing a poster is the paperweight, meaning the thickness of the paper. It is measured in GSM (grams per square). You will find paper with various gsm. Among them, 80-100gsm papers are very lightweight and used for temporary posters. For medium weight, you can choose 120-150gsm. Nevertheless, for an aesthetic look and large format printing, the heaviest paper would be 200gsm. It’s ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Poster Printing methods

Considering the purpose and versatile requirements, various poster printing techniques have evolved over time. Looking at the features and benefits, it’s difficult to choose the right one. This guide will help you make the decision.

Digital Poster Printing

One of the common and convenient poster printing techniques is digital printing. As the name suggests, in this technique, you can transfer a digital image on a high-resolution paper. It doesn’t require much time and preparation to print. So, if you are looking for slick and professional-looking posters, go for digital printing. It’s worth the price.

Offset Poster Printing

For clear and professional posters, you can choose the offset printing technique. The benefit of this method is that you can use various materials to print, such as wood, canvas, etc. It’s also an ideal option for printing complex designs. In this technique, the colours are first transferred on a rubber sheet from plates. Then, the sheet is rolled on the designated materials as on poster paper. Businesses use this method for bulk poster printing as it’s cost-effective and brings a clear and vivid finish.

Large format poster printing

For printing banners, billboards, and posters, large-format printing has many advantages offer. Unlike any other methods, you can make a poster with maximum width. If you want to announce any certain offer or promote a new product or brand, it’s an effective way to connect with the target consumers. These kinds of posters are hung on walls or made to stand beside roads and shopping malls.

Screen Printing

Another common, popular and budget-friendly printing option is screen printing. You can easily print logos or graphical illustrations on fabric or paper-based posters in less time. In this technique, the design is first created on a screen and then transferred to the actual surface using heat and press. As it requires a certain set-up, printing the poster in bulk would be cost-effective.

Quality Poster Printing UK: Print Britannia.

The quality of the poster will impact on the target consumers and eventually on sales. Whether it’s a product launch, corporate event, seminar or service, you can pass down the information effectively to the audience through sharing posters. Hence, having it designed and printed by professionals and an experienced team is essential. Not only does it inform the consumer about the service, but it also speaks for your brand.

Hence, to get it done within budget without compromising the quality, Print Britannia has the best technology and all resources in stock. 

Final thought

In the above details, you learn not only about the versatile printing methods for posters but also essential aspects that you need to consider before printing. Considering the budget, quantity and requirement, you can choose any of the printing techniques from digital, screen, lithography, offset and large format printing. For different printing finishes, choose the type and weight of the paper wisely.

If you don’t want to take all the hassles by yourself and get the job done by professional hands in the UK, then check out the service at Print Britannia. Here, you will get the best quality printing service at the best price.

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