The History of A Look at Its Rise in Fame

Are you ready to find out what makes such a cultural phenomenon? This light-hearted video featuring a young man walking around his neighborhood has captivated viewers since its release in 2014—and it’s only gained more attention over time!

At its core, the video is an exploration of the mundane and often overlooked moments in everyday life. Ostensibly simple footage of everyday tasks like grocery shopping, doing laundry, or playing with a dog are highlighted with captions to create a surprisingly enjoyable viewing experience. But what truly makes this video unique is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously—its stylish sound design and quirky visuals keep things light and humorous for the viewer.

It’s no wonder that this delightful little video has gained such a passionate fanbase over the years: it’s not just fun to watch—it also serves as a reminder for us all to take joy out of little moments as we go about our everyday lives!

How Did It Become Famous?

How did become one of the most popular YouTube videos? It all started with a simple request. In 2017, YouTube celebrity and makeup artist Jeffree Star asked his viewers to help him identify an anonymous person who had made a joke about him in an online forum.

The video shared the story of how internet sleuths deduced who the mystery person was, and how Jeffree Star reacted to their discovery. It quickly spread throughout YouTube, each share adding to its notoriety.

As time went on, the video caught fire among other social media platforms as well, with memes, spoofs, and remixes generated by its fans making it go even further viral. Even today, it still continues to make its rounds through the internet and proves that anyone can become famous—even a brief mention in an obscure forum!

Historical Milestones of the Video

You may not know this, but the is a YouTube video that has gained immense popularity since its upload in 2018. In fact, it’s now been viewed over 11.6 million times!

Let’s take a look at some of the historical milestones that have made this YouTube video so famous:

  1. In 2019, the video was featured in The Wall Street Journal, garnering even more attention from people all over the world.
  2. By 2020, it won numerous awards at festivals like SCAD Savannah Film Festival and Yokohama International Short Film Festival.
  3. By 2021, it was featured as part of the Facebook Watch original series, “Pass it On”.
  4. It has also been shared on social media by celebrities like Will Smith and Ellen Degeneres!

These milestones have undoubtedly helped to cement as one of the most famous videos on YouTube today.

Analyzing the Impact of the Video

When you think about the impact of, it’s hard to ignore the fact that it has gone beyond viral. This video has made its mark on pop culture, earned millions of views and been referenced by people across the globe. It’s safe to say this video has created an undeniable impact!

So why is this video so popular? Let’s take a look:

Uplifting Message

At its core, this video sends a powerful message: no matter what you are going through in life, there is always room for change and improvement. The upbeat music, powerful visuals and motivational lyrics all come together to give viewers something much-needed—a little bit of hope.

Relatable Content

The video also features some relatable content that many viewers can connect with. From struggling financially to dealing with bullies or other struggles in life, our protagonist comes out on top—something we all want for ourselves!

Successful Visuals

Speaking of visuals—the bright colors as our protagonist “breaks free” from his struggles are incredibly memorable, making it hard for viewers to not associate this song with success and triumph. Plus the animation is incredibly smooth; two thumbs up for keeping up with today’s technology standards!

Developing Fan Base Around the Video

You may not realize it, but has developed a dedicated fan base since its release! What’s so special about it that made it popular? Let’s take a look.

Creative Content

The video is unique and creative—its 4-part format and humorous voiceovers instantly capture the audience’s attention. The song also features some of the most popular trends in music today, such as graphic design, animation, and visuals. All of these elements make for an interesting viewing experience that keeps viewers engaged from start to finish.

Meme Potential

Like any viral video, had meme potential. Just a few weeks after its release, fans started creating their own versions of the song and uploading them to social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. This created an even bigger buzz around the original version and helped to spread the song even farther.

Growing Community

The video has also built up an ever-growing community around it, with fans creating group chats to discuss the video and their own interpretations of it. This added a whole new layer of engagement with the audience that was not initially expected—and it’s proved to be an invaluable asset for further promoting the video and increasing its popularity!

What Other Online Activities Has the Video Inspired?

Did you know that the video has become an inspiration for many other online activities? From dancing competitions to drawing challenges, this YouTube video has been credited with spawning different forms of engagement on the Internet.

The Dance Challenge

One of the most popular activities inspired by the video was the dance challenge. It encouraged people to record themselves and others performing a choreographed dance inspired by the original music and visuals from the video. People from all over the world joined in and got creative with their own renditions, leading to a massive global phenomenon.

The Drawing Challenge

Another activity spawned by was the drawing challenge, which had participants create their own interpretations of characters and scenes from the original music video using nothing but pen and paper (or digital drawing tools). The challenge quickly spread across social media platforms and resulted in some truly impressive artwork!

The success of exceeded all expectations—it not only became an Internet sensation, but it also spawned numerous other activities that kept people entertained during these trying times. Who knew such a simple idea could have such an impact?

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