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An Unforgettable Love Story: Barry Manilow and Susan Deixler

Barry Manilow and Susan Deixler had the classic teenage high school love story. They first met in their hometown of Brooklyn, New York in the early 1960s and quickly fell head over heels. At only 19, they decided to tie the knot and get married in 1964.

Their whirlwind romance was a dream come true. It wasn’t long before Manilow was a worldwide star—from iconic songs like “Copacabana” to top-selling albums, he was one of the biggest music stars of the 1970s.

Despite their young age, the two were certain about their feelings for each other and made it official by saying “I do”. Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t last long; Susan and Barry got a divorce just one year later when Susan had their marriage thrown out in 1966. It may have been brief, but theirs is an unforgettable love story that will live on forever!

The 64th Wedding Anniversary

On June 8, 1964, Barry Manilow and Susan Deixler were married in a fairy-tale wedding – the same day they graduated high school. But like all good things, it was too good to last. After being married for just one year, the couple filed for divorce in 1965. In 1966, Susan had the marriage annulled and Barry went on to become one of the most successful American singer-songwriters of all time.

Despite their young age at the time of their marriage and the fact that their marriage did not last longer than a year, there will always be a special place in our hearts for this whirlwind relationship between two high school sweethearts, especially since this coming June 8th marks their 64th wedding anniversary. It’s an unforgettable love story that proves young love can still be powerful and long-lasting—even if it doesn’t always last forever.

The Rise of Barry Manilow’s Career

The ’70s was a great decade for Barry Manilow. As his career started taking off, he became a worldwide star with his romantic ballads and mesmerizing melody. His records sold by the millions and soon enough, he was one of the biggest names in music.

But did you know that during this time, Barry Manilow had actually left behind his first love, Susan Deixler? Despite having been in love since their teenage days and having wed when they were young, shortly after high school graduation in 1964, they unfortunately could not make their marriage stand the test of time.

So why did the couple decide to part ways? They had an amicable parting of ways after only one year of marriage and Susan had the marriage annulled in 1966. Some people speculate that it might have been due to both parties trying to pursue their own dreams – Susan wanted to become an accountant and Barry was starting to focus on his music career full-time.

Whatever the real reason may have been, Barry Manilow’s rise to fame during this time is without a doubt an iconic tale that still stands as an example of a remarkable love story – even if it did not have a happy ending.

The Sudden End of the Marriage

It’s a sad ending, but the story of Barry Manilow and Susan Deixler has come to its conclusion. Despite their love for each other, the relationship did not last long. After just one year of marriage, the two decided to get a divorce in 1965. The marriage was officially annulle in 1966.

It’s unclear as to why things didn’t work out between them and it’s often speculate that fame and success played a role in their breakup. After all, Manilow hit the big time right when they were marry and it’s easy to think that the pressures of stardom drove them apart.

Another factor could have been the age difference; at 19, Susan was more than a decade younger than the singer-songwriter. This could have caused tension between the two as they adjusted to life together while navigating Barry’s newfound fame and fortune.

Regardless of what really happened, this love story between these high school sweethearts had an abrupt yet unforgettable end.

The Legal Battle to Annul the Marriage

Little did Susan Deixler know when she married Barry Manilow all those years ago that the marriage would not last long. After only one year, she decided to annul the marriage and file for a divorce. She filed the annulment in 1966, citing “fraud and misrepresentation” as the grounds for the annulment.

At that time, annulments were less common, so Susan had to fight an uphill battle to have her marriage annulled. She had to convince a judge that her husband had misled her in some way or provided false information in order to marry her. Despite the odds and with help from legal representation, Susan was successful in having their marriage throw out.

The annulment of their marriage created a rift between them and ultimately put an end to their romantic relationship and any hope of reconciliation. It goes to show that even short-lived relationships can lead to lasting consequences if not handled properly.

Susan Deixler Now: Life After Manilow

You may not know this, but Barry Manilow’s first wife Susan Deixler is alive and well! She’s now 74 years old and has moved on from her time as Mrs. Manilow.

Since the divorce, Susan has had quite a bit of success. She worked as an actress, making appearances in television shows such as “Hill Street Blues” and “ER”. On top of that, she also did a great job raising her two daughters, who are now grown women with successful lives of their own.

Despite it all, Susan still looks back fondly on her life with Barry Manilow. After all, they were in love since they were young and enjoyed what could have been a beautiful relationship that ended too soon. For that reason alone, they remain close friends to this day—an enduring testament to an unforgettable love story between two high school sweethearts who still care deeply for each other after more than 50 years apart.

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