Meet Olivia Lou Sykes: A Singer, Songwriter & Musician

Have you ever wanted to meet a true artist? Well, now you can! Meet Olivia Lou Sykes: singer, songwriter, and musician.

Olivia has been making music since she was 12 years old, and has developed a unique sound of her own with both electric and acoustic instruments. Her music carries a very personal message; it’s a mix of folk and indie, with hints of soul and pop. Her songs are full of emotion, honesty and are incredibly moving; they’re often filled with stories of love and loss, but also hope.

Olivia is an incredibly talented artist who has already achieved so much in her young career. She’s been featured on major music platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music, she’s performed at some high profile venues such as the National Concert Hall in Dublin, Ireland, and she was even nominated for an indie-folk award for her debut EP ‘Songs From The Dining Room Table’ in 2020.

Singing Career of Olivia Lou Sykes

Olivia Lou Sykes is an up-and-coming singer, songwriter, and musician. Her vocal range and lyrical prowess have already gotten her noticed within the music industry. She has had the opportunity to perform alongside some of the biggest names in music, and the success of her singles has prompted many to label her as a rising star.

From touring with American Idol finalist Rayvon Owen to partnering with Grammy award-winning producer Joel Hamilton for a remix of her single “The Widow Maker,” Olivia’s accomplishments in music stand out from other young songwriters. Her songs are full of emotion and supercharged with meaning, making them hits with fans around the world.

In addition to singing and songwriting, Olivia is also proficient in playing several instruments including guitar, drums, and piano. She uses these skills to produce and arrange her own songs which have been featured on popular streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal.

Olivia’s passion for music and dedication to honing her craft make her a force to be reckoned with in the music industry today.

Songwriting and Music Writing of Olivia Lou Sykes

Since her youth, Olivia Lou Sykes has been passionate about writing music and singing. From the age of 10 onwards, she would often spend hours in her room practicing songs and writing lyrics. In the early years of her career Olivia focused mainly on songwriting, providing her creative services to other artists through publishing companies.

Her songwriting expertise is evident in the genre-defying compositions she has written over the years. Whether its folk-pop, jazz, soul or any other style – every song she writes has a unique and unmistakable sound that is entirely her own.

Olivia also regularly contributes to music writing projects. She often provides feedback on other musician’s work or collaborates with them to create new pieces of music together. No matter what project she’s working on, Olivia always maintains a high level of professionalism with cutting-edge sound production techniques.

By combining her songwriting skills with expert music production knowledge, Olivia Lou Sykes continues to impress fans and industry veterans alike. With each new release, she proves that she’s one of the most talented singer-songwriters out there today.

Inspiration for Olivia Lou Sykes’ Music

Olivia Lou Sykes is nothing short of inspiring. Her music speaks to the heart, reaching generations of people with its power and passion.

Music Styles

Olivia draws inspiration from a range of genres, including pop, country, indie-rock, dreampop and electronica. She combines these elements to form her own unique sound – one that’s both familiar yet unexpected.


That same energy is present in her live performances as well. The artist cites a diverse set of influences – from Rihanna to The xx – with each contributing something different to her artistry. Whether it’s the raw emotion of Elliott Smith or the sultry attitude of Beyonce, Olivia puts her own spin on these sounds in order to create something new and original.

When asked about her creative process, Olivia says: “I draw from things I’m personally experiencing or witnessing in my environment… It’s just like pouring a glass of wine into another glass and transforming it into something else entirely.” This kind of creative license allows Olivia to explore different sounds and themes without compromising her unique voice or vision.

Live Performances of Olivia Lou Sykes

Olivia Lou Sykes is a singer, songwriter and musician from Texas who exudes passion and energy every time she takes the stage. Her live performances feature her improvisational style and soulful songs that showcase her creative style.

At each of Olivia Lou Sykes’ live shows, audiences can expect to be transfixed by her infectious energy and her smooth and powerful vocals. She plays favorites both old and new, drawing fans in with a mix of pop ballads, country twangs, blues riffs and folk stories.

For fans that are unable to make it to one of Olivia Lou Sykes’ live shows. She also offers virtual performances via livestreams on platforms like Twitch, Facebook Live and YouTube Live. Through these livestreams, fans can interact with Olivia directly as she performs from the comfort of their own home.

No matter whether it’s at a live show or through a livestream. You’re sure to have an unforgettable experience when you take in a performance by Olivia Lou Sykes.

Discography of Olivia Lou Sykes

From her breakthrough single ‘Better Than It Was Before’ to her stunning six studio albums. Olivia Lou Sykes has been consistently creating beautiful music for years. All of her albums contain a unique sound, ranging from country to pop and rock influences.

Here is a list of Olivia’s discography:

Better Than It Was Before (2011)

Her debut album gave us the hits ‘Better than It Was Before’ and ‘Who Told You’. This album was praise for its catchy songwriting and upbeat sound.

Heartache Express (2014)

This record was a grittier take on country music. It featured songs such as ‘It’s Never Too Late’ and ‘Every Time I See You’, which quickly became fan favorites.

West Coast Love (2016)

This album showcased Olivia’s range, featuring everything from blues-inspired instrumentals to lighter acoustic ballads. Singles such as ‘Been Thinking about You’ were radio staples during the summer of 2016.

Come Home to Me (2019)

Continuing her exploration of different genres, this album took a more pop-inspired approach with tracks like ‘On My Way’ and ‘Hold on Now’. It was acclaimed by critics for being an incredibly polish piece of work with great production values and catchy melodies.

Olivia Lou Sykes’ discography is proof that she is one of the most talented singer-songwriters in the industry today – no wonder she has so many fans!

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