Gimkit Join: A quiz game to learn

Gimkit is an app-based quiz game developed in order to teach both students and teachers through gaming style.

You might have experience with different games in this modern era. But have you experienced the quiz game yet? If not, you should experience the Gimkit. Don’t worry, if you don’t know about Gimkit. Actually, Gimkit quiz game to learn with a way of gaming. Teachers and Students can use this in order to learn.

If you want to know more about Gimkit then just scroll down in the article. Because I have described Gimkit in some detail. 

Students get bored while studying so to engage them for a longer time, this app-based quiz game is developed. Students can study from anywhere through this app, either in the classroom or at home.

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What is Gimkit?

Gimkit is a quiz app that has a gaming style to teach both students and teachers. Gimkit provides a fun way and the reason behind this concept is to engage students as long as possible so students can learn more than average. As it is a quiz app-based game, so at first it provides you a question and then if you are not enabled to answer then you can check the answer.

Students and teachers can access this platform from multiple devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptops, or PCs.

One of the main aspects of this app-based quiz game is that it provides a user-friendly interface because students can easily use it for every age.

How Gimkit was developed?

Actually, the idea of Gimkit came to a student who is working on a school project. Then he found a way to develop a learning app-based game to engage the students with the study for a longer time. Now the current version of this app has good performance and an easy-to-learn interface.

In the game, a user engages more than the other apps because the game consists of multiple levels and points so when a user answers the question then his/her points increase. So, a game-based app for learning is a good and efficient choice.

Easy-to-use Interface of Gimkit

Gimkit allows a user to use this app-based quiz game easily. If you use it then you will encounter different questions. So, the question is clearly mentioned and there are four options to answer the question. Questions and answers are presented clearly in different colors.

Gimkit offers you individual games, and live and group-wise group games. Students can learn from it in a classroom or use it as homework by giving the answers to multiple questions. Questions can be assigned by teachers.

To engage the students it allows the students to get rewards.

How Gimkit works and Gimkit Join?

Gimkit is a platform that offers a wide range of questions in a fun way. Once teachers signed up then they can use it. Teachers can sign up through email or a Google account. Teachers have to import a roster, so if they have imported the roster then it is possible for them to assign quizzes to students and can take live classes on Gimkit.

Students can join the Gimkit through the website or an email invite that was shared by the teacher. Now, the teacher can control the whole system who should join the class or should not and which questions to ask. Teachers can also analyze the data.

Students can also join a class through a code that can be shared by the teacher through the LMS platform.

The game class can be held live to ask the questions live and get the answer live from the students.

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Features of Gimkit

There are many features of Gimkit:

•             KitCollab mode: This mode of Gimkit allows students that they can build the quiz with the teacher before starting the game. Because sometimes questions are tough in quizzes so it might be helpful for students to build the quiz.

•             Game’s rewards: In this quiz game, students can earn virtual currency as a reward. If a student answers the question correctly then the virtual currency is awarded to the student and if he/she did not answer the question correctly then it costs the student. These rewards or credits can be used to invest in the upgrades.

             Live class: In Gimkit, teachers can take live classes with students and can assign them homework.

•             Teacher’s control: Teachers can view the progress of students, data that can be useful for the teachers to work on the next class as well as can view the earnings by using their dashboard.

Is Gimkit free to use?

Yes, Gimkit’s is free-to-use but for five students per game. Students can use the basic Gimkit’s which is totally free but keep in mind the limit.

The price of Gimkit Pro is $9.99 per month and $59.98 per year. Obviously, once you have paid for the paid version then you will be allowed to use all functions and modes.


Overall, it is the best app to learn in a gaming style. Your children learn many things from this powerful app-based quiz game. It is helpful for teachers to ask questions easily and quickly. It has a way to study with fun.

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