World of Warcraft Presents: Fortitude of the Nightborne Armor Set

Are you ready to step up your game in World of Warcraft with a set of armor that will leave a lasting impression? Look no further than the Fortitude of the Nightborne Armor Set! Part of “The Nighthold” patch 7.3.5, this set is the third piece of armor for the nightborne race and helps restore energy and damage spells. Plus, it’s very reasonably priced for how good it is!

Esthetically, it comes with an impressive ivory and silver breastplate, along with a matching helmet, decorated with Maronite spikes throughout. This set is made up of seven pieces: chest plate, gauntlets, leggings, boots, greaves, pauldrons, and helmet. All seven pieces together make up the complete armor set.

If you want to channel your inner night elf without breaking the bank, then this armor set is definitely for you! Get ready to take your game to the next level with the Fortitude of the Nightborne Armor.

Unlocking & Achievements for the Fortitude Armor Set

When it comes to unlocking and achieving the Fortitude of the Nightborne Armor set, you’re in for a treat! This armor set is obtainable from three different locations in World of Warcraft and each location provides unique rewards that can help you power up your character. Depending on your level, you will also receive bonus rewards such as different gems, Runes of Power, and even rare artifacts!

If you’re a Nightborne faction player, you will gain experience for completing tasks such as completing missions or participating in various PvP events. You can even earn extra rewards by doing big battles against the opposing faction! If you don’t have a Nightborne character already, this armor set is an excellent way to start creating one.

The best part is that if you collect all three pieces of the Fortitude of the Nightborne Armor set, you will be rewarded with a special achievement called “Master of the Night” that will provide your character with 25 artifact power (optional bonus) and some honor points! So make sure to get out there and get your hands on this amazing armor set today!

Stats & Bonuses of the Fortitude Armor Set

The Fortitude of the Nightborne armor set is definitely worth taking a look at. This lightweight armor comes equipped with a variety of bonuses for both the player and their class. Here are the stats you get:


  • +100% Movement Speed
  • +50% Damage Reduction from Magical Attacks
  • +25% Damage Reduction from Physical/Melee attacks


  • Energy Restoration: Grants you regeneration that allows you to restore 15 energy every 5 seconds.
  • Spell Damage Bonus: Increases your damage dealt with spells by 10%.
  • Critical Striker: Grants a 30% chance of getting a critical strike when casting spells.

When all of these combine together, you get an incredibly well-rounded set that offers great defensive and offensive capabilities. It’s no wonder why so many players have chosen to wear it—it’s truly an awesome piece!

Strategies to Get the Most Out of Your Fortitude Armor Set

Do you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Fortitude of the Nightborne Armor Set? Here are a few strategies to help you get the most out of this awesome set.

Level Up Quickly

The Fortitude set was designed to help you level up quickly and it does a great job of that. The set boosts your damage and energy spells, meaning you can deal more damage faster. It also comes with armor bonuses like increased movement speed and extra health. All these work together to get you on the fast track to higher levels.

Use Enchantments

Enchantments are powerful tools in World of Warcraft that can turn mundane armor into something special. For example, if you equip your Fortitude of the Nightborne Armor Set with an enchantment, like “Spellpower”, your spells will be heightened significantly and deal more damage than ever before! You’ll also be able to take on tougher opponents as you progress through the game.

Take Advantage of Set Bonuses

When wearing all four pieces in the Fortitude set, each piece helps boost stats such as Health Regeneration and Mana Regeneration – so it’s definitely worth getting all four pieces! Furthermore, if you wear two or more pieces from this set, you’ll gain additional bonuses like increased Stamina and Attack Speed. Make sure to equip all four pieces for maximum effect!

With these tips at your disposal, there’s no reason why your Fortitude of the Nightborne Armor Set should not be part of your gaming experience—it’s a must-have for any serious WoW player!

Alternatives to the Fortitude of the Nightborne Armor set

If the Fortitude of the Nightborne Armor Set isn’t the right choice for you, there are a few alternatives to consider.

The Dark Magister Armor Set

The Dark Magister Armor Set is a five-piece set that comes with a helmet, leggings, and a chest piece. The set’s design consists of a black-and-gold color scheme and heavy armor pieces, making it perfect for anyone looking for an intimidating look. In addition to its esthetic appeal, this armor set also grants the wearer a 10% boost to damage from spells.

The Lightbringer’s Battlegear

The Lightbringer’s Battlegear is an eight-piece set that also comes with a hood, chest piece, and legplates along with additional pieces like wrist guards, buckles, and shoulder pads. Its silver-and-blue color scheme makes it perfect for anyone who loves a more traditional look. What sets this armor apart from other sets is its ability to restore 2% of the user’s max energy every second while they are in combat.

The Stormrage Raiment

The Stormrage Raiment is another eight-piece set made up of a hood, chest plate. And leg plates plus additional pieces like shoulder pads, bracers, and belt pieces. As this set’s name suggests, it has a sky blue-and-white color scheme that really captures the feeling of being surrounded by storm clouds. This armor has an added bonus in that it grants the wearer improved restoring spells. Like heals—which can be very useful during battle!

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